2016 Embracing Our Differences Exhibit
1601 • “We are One” by Jignasa Jadwani
Vadodara, India
1602 • “Connecting the Dots” by Anita Wexler
Sarasota, Florida
1603 • “Heads” by Gavin Boyer , 7th Grade, Brookside Middle School
Sarasota, Florida; Teacher: Brooks Tracey
1604 • “Planting Peace” by Chad Glass
Canyon Lake, Texas
1605 • “Filter Negativity, Bring Love Abundantly” by Jamia Mei Tolentino
Valenzuela City, Philippines
1606 • “Embracing Our Differences” by Jennifer Hawkins
Gateshead, England
1607 • “Ability To Change” by Zach Sherman, 10th Grade, Booker High School
Sarasota, Florida; Teacher: Jeffery Cornwell
1608 • “Togetherness is Power” by Joshua Widjaja, 8th Grade, Pine View School
Osprey, Florida; Teacher: Mark Goebel
1609 • “Which Will You Follow?” by Maya Nightsky, 10th Grade, Booker High School
Sarasota, Florida; Teacher: Jeffery Cornwell
1610 • “Hate Tears Us Apart” by Claudia Ramirez
Stamford, Connecticut
1611 • “Love is Not Toxic” by Felix Lange, 6th Grade, Booker Middle School
Sarasota, Florida; Teacher: Deborah Herbert
1612 • “Comfort Others” by Shaharah Peterson, 4th Grade, Orange Ridge-Bullock Elementary
Bradenton, Florida; Teacher: Kathryn Seng Kushmer
1613 • “Stand Out” by Victoria Latronica, 7th Grade, Heron Creek Middle School
North Port, Florida; Teacher: Libby Bailey
1614 • “Neighborhood” by Jeanne Torres
Sarasota, Florida
1615 • “The Biography Project” A Community Collaboration of
The Out-of-Door Academy and Easter Seals Southwest Florida
Sarasota, Florida
1616 • “Our World” by Nicole Harris, 11th Grade, Cambridge High School
Milton, Georgia; Teacher: Natalie Hudson
1617 • “Stacked People” by Gabriel Grecco
Niteroi, Brazil
1618 • “We See No Difference” by Carolynn Yoe
Pati, Indonesia
1619 • “Baking 'Together Bread'” by Uduak Ita
Snellville, Georgia
1620 • “Unity of Different Cultures” by Renato Ulloa
Quito, Ecuador
1621 • “Diversity is in Our DNA” by Lesley Marie Velasquez Soto, Suncoast Technical College
Sarasota, Florida
1622 • “Against All Odds” by Ming Siew Leong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1623 • “Make New Friends” by Alina Potemska
Warsaw, Poland
1624 • “Cure for Stupidity” by Petry and Crisan
Deva, Romania
1625 • “I Was Really Something” by Judith Carlin
New York, New York
1626 • “Adapt and Modify” by Donavon Brutus
Tampa, Florida
1627 • “Presspective” by Doddy Iswahyudi
Bantul, Indonesia
1628 • “People's Differences, Colorful World” by Zahra Moghadam
Senior, Somayeh High School
Zanjan, Iran; Teacher: Naser Moghadam
1629 • “We All Have a Place” by Kelsie Reed, 12th Grade, Germantown High School
Germantown, New York; Teacher: Kristine O'Malley-Levy
1630 • “See the Best in Each Other” by Douglas Goodin, 8th Grade, Pine View School
Osprey, Florida; Teacher: Mark Goebel
1631 • “Depression” by Alex Layton, 10th Grade, Riverview High School
Sarasota, Florida; Teacher: Amy Vangellow
1632 • “Hidden” by Michael Negron, 12th Grade, Academy for Software Engineering
College Point, New York
1633 • “Friends Forever” by Sammy Chong
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
1634 • “Every Body Is Beautiful” by Bethany Christou
Hertfordshire, England
1635 • “Am I Pretty Yet?” by Katherine Filipkowski, 6th Grade, Sarasota Middle School
Sarasota, Florida; Teacher: Elaine Gale
1636 • “Think Positive” by Carson Milburn, 10th Grade, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
Bradenton, Florida; Teacher: Mollie Grady
1637 • “Be Eggceptional” by Patricia Day Knowlton
Bradenton, Florida
1638 • “Rise Above” by Robin Ay
Lake Worth, Florida
1639 • “Embrace Our Spectrum” by Jamie Green, 11th Grade, Viera High School
Viera, Florida
1640 • “Dream” by Mackenzie Reiss, 9th Grade, Venice High School
Venice, Florida; Teacher: Cynthia Hamilton
1641 • “Small Acts” by Amy Vangellow
Sarasota, Florida
1642 • “No Limit” by Thi Ha Quynh Ngo
Hanoi, Vietnam
1643 • “The Flawless Symphony” by Jakub Zajma, 11th Grade
Stanislaw Sztaszic 1st Schools Complex
Bochnia, Poland; Teacher: Rafal Duda
1644 • “Cacti” by Hilal Özcan
İzmir, Turkey
1645 • “Perpetual Motion” by Vitalii Panasiuk
Chernivtsi, Ukraine

1 • “Difference” by Atiye Ebrahimi; Semnan, Iran
2 • “Sweet Friends” by Mohadeseh Maleki & Ahmad Derakhshande Bakhshayesh; Tehran, Iran
3 • “A Mother's Embrace” by Zaine Lodhi, 10th Grade, Booker High School, Sarasota, Florida;
Teacher: Jeffery Cornwell